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Color Your Outdoor World

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Outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever; furnishing and decorating them lets these spaces reflect our personalities and style for the world to see.

Today’s backyard furniture features textures, colors, and decor themes not seen before. Your outdoor space has never had so many options for looking inviting, stylish, and current!

A Full Range of Colors and Themes

Your outdoor living space can be as unique and expressive as your indoor spaces. Perhaps you’d like to extend your indoor design and color schemes to your patio furniture area; creating a backyard space similar to the house proper is a great idea, and you can do it! With color choices from jewel tones to weathered to Americana and more, you’ll have no problem coordinating your living room with your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for something unique and unusual, you can do that, too. Available color themes can create an outdoor space that is distinctively yours. Colors that give comfort or create excitement are all out there just waiting to help you create a backyard furniture display that you can be proud of.

Bold patterns, traditional fabrics, and unique designs are all tied together by the wide variety of colors being used to create beautiful outdoor living areas that will remain enjoyable for years.

Color Themes You’ll Love

Trends in colors for patio furniture have grown exponentially over the years. Current choices are almost limitless! Today’s palettes offer great variety and provide so many options that you’re bound to find something perfect.

Go Coastal

The coastal color theme, for instance, is a timeless classic in outdoor furniture. Formerly limited to weathered gray, navy blue, and sea green, this color group has grown to include sandy browns, white washed woods, and hues of blue from cornflower to denim. Throw in the pinks and peaches of coral, and creating a living space that echoes the call of the sea is easy and beautiful.

Coastal Living

Shades of Gray, and Other Colors

You might enjoy a monochromatic theme. Pick a color you love, and go with it. While mixing shades of blues, greens, and grays is popular, you can choose almost any color and find outdoor furniture that fits your preference. Now, select a few accent pieces (pillows and lighting, for example) and you’ve got a vision in whatever color you’ve selected.


Up-to-the-Minute Options

If you’re looking for something more current or trendy, there’s plenty out there to choose from. These color schemes open up your choices to include color that hasn’t been common in the past.

1) Boho: Gypsy inspired patterns, and unusual colors including bright blue, cool reds, kelly green, and even purples! Accessories like lanterns, candles, and canopies can add a mysterious touch to this theme.


2) Farm: Taupes and greys are featured here, along with weathered shades of red, green, blue and yellow. Even in an urban neighborhood, you can bring in the feel of the family farm.


3) Tropical: Citrus shades of yellow, green, and orange, along with reds and blues, look great when paired with cane or rattan frames, creating an island feel in any locale.


4) Vintage: Whether you’re a fan of the 40’s ,50’s, 60’s or any other decade, there are colors to evoke that time. From the aquas and pinks of 1958 to the avocado green of ‘75, you can use your outdoor living space to bring times past to life.

Vintage American Home

And there’s more! Any color, and style, any design, textile, or configuration you’d like is out there. Be your own designer, find what makes you happy, and get the pieces that will turn your backyard into a delightful space to love.

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