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All Products sold by True Door Living have a Manufacturer’s Warranty (“Warranty”), a copy of which will be provided to you when you purchase a Product from us. A summary of the Manufacturer’s Warranty is also provided on the Product page.

Such Warranty is usually for a set amount of time e.g. 2 years, 5 years or 10 years (“Warranty Period”), and covers Product defects which may occur during such Warranty Period, whether in design, engineering, workmanship or otherwise, and ensures that each Product is of merchantable quality, new and of good quality and suitable and fit for the purpose of use intended.

During the Warranty Period, you shall be eligible for a free repair or replacement of your Product in case of any defects.


You understand and acknowledge that True Outdoor Living is not the manufacturer of the Products sold on the Site, and that the only guarantees offered are those of the Product Manufacturer, and not True Outdoor Living.

All the products are sold such as they are per Manufacturer’s Warranty, which may be differ from one Product to the other.

Contacting True Outdoor Living

For any Warranty enquiries or claims, or other information concerning the Product you ordered, please Contact Us.

Please include your sales receipt or other proof of purchase of the Product, and a specific description of the Product defect, including photographic proof.